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Insights by Qurioos
Learning for enabling action | Steve Karam (Ellucian, Delphix, Wiley)

Learning for enabling action | Steve Karam (Ellucian, Delphix, Wiley)

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In this episode, I interviewed Steve Karam, ex-VP Global Customer Enablement at Ellucian. Before that, Steve was VP Global Experience and Enablement at Delphix. He currently runs a scholarship fund and he teaches financial literacy courses to at-risk and disadvantaged youth in his area.

📖 What you’ll learn

  • Steve’s learn, sharpen, scale framework

  • Best practices in learning and enablement

  • Hacks for improving learning engagement

  • How to structure learning teams

👨‍💻 Contacts

Where to find Steve Karam

Where to find Akis Laopodis

🔥 Key moments from the interview

(04:22) Steve’s learning framework: Learn → Sharpen → Achieve

(05:25) What learning could use from the gaming world: Achievements

(07:05) ChatGPT’s new feature: Share bot conversations for co-learning

(08:33) What milestones matter when we learn

(10:30) Why the status quo is the greatest bottleneck

(12:20) Why attaching outcomes to learning objectives is key

(13:42) We don’t need more learning content, we need a librarian

(15:10) How to challenge perception around “how learning should be done”

(16:04) Why people take pride in what they do and forget the other side

(19:55) How to build learning teams for ensuring we understand the learning impact

(26:53) Use online communities as communities of practice

(29:53) How a learning “Hunger Games” session worked for them

(33:30) How learning experience designers and instructional designers need to work together

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Akis 👋

Insights by Qurioos
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